Beauty of Diversity

There is a human developmental need to learn to categorize things as same or different. Recognizing differences is an important developmental milestone for children. Learning the differences in sizes and shapes is necesssary for developing  spatial concepts. Children need to know that a dime is not the same as a quarter so they are able to participate in our economy. Understanding that play money has to be separated from real money when shopping is important. While it is important for humans to be able to discern differences and classifications in objects, that discernment and separating becomes problematic when used on people.

It is a wondrous thing to see and appreciate the great diversity that makes up humanity. When we apply equal value to all of our differences there is beauty added to the world. The more diversity I see the richer the beauty. Tall, short and average height; black, blonde and red hair; big bushy beards and short scraggly goatees; alto and soprano singers; light and dark complexions; sign language and spoken communication; toddlers, runners and wheelchair users; intorverts and extroverts; elderly, middle aged and young; Monets and stick figures; early birds and night owls; disabled and non-disabled; the math whizzes and the numerically challenged; bald heads and dreadlocks; dancers and toe steppers: these are all equally beautiful ways of being human.

We are diverse and we are all human. We are all created in the image of God.