TGIF Covid 19 Prayer

Creator God,

We have an expression,


Thank God It’s Friday.

You have probably heard it a lot.


I don’t know if you hear it as often lately.

For so many it is difficult to keep track of the days of the week.

Familiar work and school patterns have shifted.

Familiar responsibilities and routines have changed.


Please, Creator God,

Remind us that what has not changed is

Your constant love for humanity,

Your presence in the world,

Your compassion and mercy.


What has not changed is your words

To bear one another’s burdens,

To forgive and ask for forgiveness,

To be generous,

To be childlike.


Thank God it is Friday.

Thank God for giving us the gift of Sabbath rest.





Eastertide Day 2 Prayer

Good God, Creator of all that is Good, Giver of Life
We embrace today,
Day 6 of Passover,
Day 2 of Eastertide season.
Day 2 following the celebration of the resurrection of your Son.
Day 2 of remembering that everything is different because of the life of Jesus.

Today, with open eyes and hearts we see the goodness of creation.
Birds, sunshine, flowers,
Rocks, water, sky,
Laughter, song, silence.

Today, with open minds and hearts we see your goodness.
Attentiveness, sacrifice, compassion,
Creativity, patience, faith.

Today, with open spirits and souls we see your love.
Family, strangers, givers,
Smilers, encouragers, listeners.

Today we see You.
We see the results of your life and resurrection.
We see You.

To your glory,

National Day of Prayer

ImageRomans 15:6 “So that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Can you imagine it?

Can you see it really happening?

Can you hear it?

Imagine what?

See what? Hear what?

One voice of praise rising up from many.

People of many colors, many vocal qualities, many languages, many tribes and nations.

People of many abilities. People of differing abilities.

People of many socioeconomic backgrounds.

Many united in one voice and mind to glorify God.

Including the voice of the silent. Including the voice of those who have never heard sound.

Including the voice of those who speak with their eyes and hands.

Including those with labels to categorize their intelligence.

A lifting up of the voices mixed with tears, voices from toddlers and the very aged.

Voices of those forgetting who they are, and the voices of those who care for them.

Voices singing, voices praising, voices begging, voices wondering.

Voices that echo off mountaintops and voices lost in noise.

A lifting up of voices from prisons and brothels, universities and hospitals, park benches and fox holes.

Voices rising from woven corn stalk and plastic covered huts, voices from McMansions and voices from Red Cross shelters and UN refugee camps.

Many praying with one mind and one voice together glorifying the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Note- Picture is from chapel at Fairport Baptist Home, Fairport, NY