I Have to go to My Church

We are delighted to welcome a guest to share a part of her journey where the intersection of ability and faith really hit home with her. Mary Lynn is the mother of an adult son with developmental disabilities. When she was invited to share a story about faith community and hospitality she related a story about the deep connection that her son (who lives in a group home) has developed with his church:

It still brings a smile to my face when I think of it. Mother’s Day was coming and I was talking to my son, David, about spending the weekend at my house. He seemed to be thinking it over, which had me puzzled. Finally, in spite of a serious speech impediment, he managed to tell me, “I have to go to my church, not Mama’s church, my church St. Paul’s.” Of course I agreed. The Pastor at his church had a sister with Down’s Syndrome. He and his staff, as well as many of the parishioners, are very welcoming and inclusive with David and his friends. It is truly the love of Christ in action.


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