A Happy Heart Offers Hospitality

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful” Proverbs 15:13a

Mark Bruinsma, one of the founders of Heritage Christian Services was an incredible example of hospitality in his faith community. Mark had Down’s syndrome and had an amazing impact on his faith community. He was a world changer. Even years after he entered heaven, I have met people that shared that Mark was the reason they came back a second time to visit the church.

Mark was known to take time to give a big smile and a warm hug to each person who came into the lobby of his church. He also took time to ask questions to learn about each person he met! He had a neat way of making people feel welcomed and valued. People said they wanted to experience more of the faith community that Mark represented.

This winning combination gave Mark the role to welcome new visitors for decades. This joy was also seen when he would lead the choir and congregation in his favorite song “How Great Thou art.” Many said that Mark’s happy heart and cheerful smile drew their hearts toward him and brought them into a closer relationship with God.

Contributed by Diane Sturmer, Spiritual Life Coordinator, Heritage Christian Services, Inc.


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